About Us

Company History

Mail Delivery services is the oldest department and the reason Linn Star Transfer, Inc. (LST) exists today. In 1986 LST was incorporated in LINN County, IA. It began with three trucks and six employees and its sole business was the US Postal Service STAR Route contracts. These facts are the basis for the company name Linn Star Transfer, Inc.

A Star Route is a mail route done by a private contractor to move mail from large city post offices to rural post offices. Today some 13,000 men and women contract to maintain Star Routes in all 50 states, carrying out highway transportation of the mail, in all types of vehicles from small trucks, to large tractor-trailers, and supplementing rural carriers at a great savings to the Postal Service and the public.

LST is the largest mail contract carrier in Eastern Iowa. Today, LST has 14 Star Routes and 14 City Routes. The Mail Division of the company employees 36 drivers to run these routes.

In 1991 LST expanded into the Home Delivery market for a national retailer providing services of warehousing, delivering and installing household appliances. The Home Delivery Division has become LST largest department by providing high quality home deliveries and showing extraordinary care, respect, and courtesy to our customers, vendors, and fellow employees.

Today, LST is located in 10 states and has 22 strategically located branch offices across the continental United States. We have up to 180 Home Delivery Trucks on the road each day, made up of employees and independent contractors whom do about 6000 home deliveries each week of household appliances and furniture.

LST Time Line

LST founded in Cedar Rapids, IA delivering mail for the USPS

1986 – LST was incorporated

1991 – LST Home Delivery Department began delivering house hold appliances for Sears in Cedar Rapids, IA

1996 – LST acquired a contract by one of the world’s major appliance manufacture and retail store witch allowed for expansion for a second location in Des Moines, IA

2001 – LST expands to Minneapolis

2005 – LST expands south to Kansas City

2006 – LST Celebrates 20 years in business

2007- Denver, CO, St. Louis, & Columbia, MO offices opened

2008 – Downtown Cedar Rapids, IA flooded destroying LST corporate offices. In the fall of 2008 the Wichita, KS facility was opened. 

2009 – Ground was broke for the new corporate office located by the Eastern Iowa Airport located in Cedar Rapids, IA. Three new facilities were opened in Little Rock, Springdale, AR, & Tulsa, OK. In the fall the corporate offices were completed and celebrated with an open house.

2010 – LST goes to the Bay and expands its operation to Benicia, CA

2011 – Auburn Hills, MI facility opens.